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C# Dot Net Graphics Engineer

C# Dot Net Graphics Engineer

8000 - 12000 + monthly project award
Bachelor degree or above
8000 - 12000 + monthly project award

Job Requirements
1) Skill requirements: C#, Dot Net, GDI, DirectX or OpengGL or VTK
2) Familiar with C# Windows Form development and have good coding style
3) Familiar with GDI, DirectX or OpenGL 3D, and related graphics development
4) Have independent module design, clear logical thinking, good design, analysis and problem-solving skills, and easy communication
5) Excellent software major undergraduate graduates and postgraduate interns who have a strong interest in 2D and 3D development on the C# dot net platform can also be hired and trained on their merits.
6) Those with C/C++/OpenCV/GPU experience are preferred

Five insurances and one fund, year-end bonus, monthly project bonus, holiday benefits, annual physical examination, travel, flexible work, weekends, paid annual leave, national statutory holidays, etc.

Career Development
1) Monthly project rewards will be issued based on personal abilities and work results.
2) Adjust salary from time to time, based on personal ability and work results as important measurement criteria
3) Flexible horizontal and vertical development space

Job Benefits
Five social insurances and one housing fund, double salary at the end of the year, paid annual leave, and weekend breaks

Database Engineer (DBA)

Database Engineer (DBA)


Job Deion:
The position is responsible for the backend database design of the project, which mainly includes sorting out and analyzing requirements and outputting corresponding solutions, creating tables, writing stored procedures, etc.

Specific responsibilities:
1) Participate in the development of projects/products, collaborate with developers to lead the design and development of databases, and meet project needs;
2) Responsible for daily database operation and maintenance work, including fault handling, performance optimization, data exception handling, etc., to ensure data security;
3) Responsible for the construction of the database operation and maintenance system, including implementation of deployment, data, backup, emergency plans, drills, operation and maintenance monitoring, etc.

Job Requirements:
1) Computer related major, bachelor degree or above.
2) Familiar with Window operating system, more than 1 year of DBA development and operation related work experience;
3) Familiar with database architecture, operating mechanism, backup strategies, high-reliability solutions, familiar with fault analysis, system tuning, monitoring and alarming, able to independently analyze the causes of performance problems, and apply them to different business scenarios according to actual conditions;
4) Proficient in the operating mechanism and architecture of MySQL database
5) Proficient in MySQL replication, real-time backup, load balancing and other processing technologies, and proficient in database core parameter setting and adjustment
6) Familiar with MySQL, database-related middleware technology, familiar with PostgreSQL database, and capable of installation and deployment, performance optimization, and pattern design;
7) Those with .net programming experience or database business knowledge are preferred;


C# Dot Net图形工程师

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