NEPCON China 2023

Date : 2023-07-21

NEPCON China 2023 adheres to the innovative concept of "connect smart manufacturing with chips" and is committed to integrating advanced packaging and testing technology with the latest PCBA technology trends in a one-stop presentation. The exhibition will gather 600 companies and brands to showcase the world's first new products of PCBA, including surface mount technology (SMT), smart factories and automation technology, dispensing and coating, testing and measurement, semiconductor packaging and testing, electronic manufacturing services (EMS), electronic components, and other exhibition areas.

NEPCON China 2023 was successfully held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center from July 19th to 21st, 2023. Xiamen SINICTEK Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. showcased a series of products such as 3DSPI&3DAOI, attracting many guests to visit and exchange ideas. Thank you for your visit. The conference has come to a perfect conclusion and we look forward to meeting again.


Wonderful moments