Company profile

Company profile

        Xiamen Sinic-Tek Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, the plant area of 5200 square meters. Companies from the world-class technical team set up in 2008, is now a collection of more than 20 senior visual software development and development staff, focusing on research and development of three-dimensional lossless visual inspection system. At present, Sinic-Tek has obtained a number of national invention patents and utility model patents.

        Sinic-Tek in July 2016 to complete the shareholding system reform, officially changed its name to Xiamen Sinic-Tek Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and listed China stock market from the 1st November 2016. 【Stock code: 839448】

        Sinic-Tek was setup Shanghai Branch in 2017, Shenzhen Branch and Tianjing Office and Chongqing Office in 2018.  

        In September 2009, Sinic-Tek successfully released China's first fully-tested white desktop 3D Solder Paste Inspection system (SPI), and continuously developed the T series of desktop SPI and a full range of online SPI system. Currently series of products include: desktop T series, the line has InSPIre series, S series, F series, Ultra series, and dual-line equipments and large board equipments, different configurations, can be seamlessly covered from the standard SMT system Into a flexible board processing, LED processing, ultra-precision machining, and other different process requirements.

        Products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive electronics, smart phones, tablet PCs, home appliances, industrial control and LED and other industries, customers in whole China and exported to Europe, Vietnam, India, Malaysia and other places. Sinic-Tek with a complete product line, a wide range of customer base, stable product performance, access to many customers praise. 

        Sinic-Tek's staff will be "new technology, new services, new development" concept, the establishment of a world-class level of 3D detection system.

China's leading SPI manufacturer

Xiamen Sinic-Tek Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 

Xiamen Sinic-Tek Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Brunch

Xiamen Sinic-Tek Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Brunch

XIamen Sinic-Tek Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjing Office

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